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“Future” – Cut Copy

Cut Copy are an Australian electronic band formed in 2001 by Dan Whitford on vocals, keyboard and guitar. Other members are Tim Hoey on guitar and sampler, Ben Browning on bass guitar and Mitchell Scott on drums. Their second album, In Ghost Colours peaked at number-one on the ARIA Albums Chart in 2008. In 2011, Cut Copy’s next album, Zonoscope reached number three on the same chart.

Yet another Australian band that is pioneering the burgeoning Synth-Pop scene, Cut Copy has found short lived success in the US and Europe but are an institution in Australia.

Having survived the Mayan Apocalypse, I thought a song about things to come might be suitable.  “Future” is a song that doesn’t necessarily express this lyrically, but for me this song is a pensive, thought provoking tune.  The repetitive chorus and beat are captivating and simple, leaving me wondering whether the song was 2 minutes long or 10.  Time stops and I can let my thoughts take over.  Songs like this make me love music; simple, brain emptying ecstasy.  Sink deep into your mind with this song on repeat, and think about how great it is the world isn’t over.  For now!

Lyrics here.

More about Cut Copy here.

Future - Bright Like Neon Love

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