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“How Will Santa Get Here?” – King Obstinate

I don’t have much time to do this write up, I gotta go do Christmas stuff.  But here is a Calypso classic by King Obstinate of Antigua, who gained his name as a young man in his home village of Greenbay where people declared his attitude to be “obstinate” or mule-headed.

“How Will Santa Get Here” has become a Caribbean classic, lamenting the difficulties Santa must have in getting to the Caribbean Islands.  Then, once he’s here, there are no chimneys to come down!

There is no reindeer in my country- He have to borrow me neighbor donkey
The yard has no snow-the house has no chimney- so how will Santa really get to me?
If his house is so far- far from Antigua- how he’s going to get across all that water?

Christmas in the Caribbean, where Santa flies on a donkey.  Merry X-mas everyone!

How Will Santa Get Here - A Christmas Blessing

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