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“What Good Am I?” – Chris Webby

Chris Webby hails from Norwalk, Connecticut and is probably one of the most talented unsigned rappers you’ll rarely hear about.  I had a hard time finding a whole lot of info on him, but here’s what I could scrape from the internet:

Chris Webby was born in 1988 (date unfindable) and has been rapping since he was in 6th grade.  During High School Webby began rapping in ciphers and battling in his free time, but honed his flow in college at Hofstra University rapping at keg parties and freestyling.  However, Webby was expelled after being caught robbing a drug dealer with some friends.  Webby has since come to terms with this event, calling it “a blessing in disguise”.

I got kicked out of Hofstra [University] sophomore year when my buddies robbed a drug dealer and I drove the car like a dumb*ss of course and then got ratted out and went through a real nice legal situation which sucked *ss. In retrospect though, the reason that I am where I am is because if I was trying to balance classes and this, it just wouldn’t work. (allhiphop.com)

Since leaving college Webby has been hard at work, mixing words with the likes of Method Man, Mac Miller, and Bun B to name a few.  His music covers a range of subjects, from weed and sex to global warming and war crimes.  “What Good Am I?” is a scattershot approach to what seems to be a world with infinite unsolvable problems.  As we move toward to New Year we should all take a minute to realize how deep a hole the world is in, and think about what we are each doing to move it in a better direction.

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