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“Gonna Make It Through This Year” – Great Lake Swimmers

Well, it’s looking like we’re all gonna make it through this year. 2012 was one for the books as well, a lot of bullets to dodge as a race. The Large Hadron Collider did not spawn a world devouring black hole. North Korea managed a delicate transfer of dictatorial power from father to son without triggering a nuclear holocaust. The Mayan apocalypse has come and gone. Hell, we even managed to survive the interminable election season. I’d say kudos and pats on the back are deserved all around. Bring it on, 2013!

So, here’s a song to close out the year with, the lyrics are a bit of a bummer, so I suggest you focus on the fantastic tune and catchy chorus. Tony Dekker is the creative drive behind Great Lake Swimmers, a Canadian folk rock group based in Toronto. They recently came out with their fifth studio album of the decade, New Wild Everywhere. However, today’s song is off of their EP Hands In Dirty Ground from 2008.

Hope you enjoy the song, and enjoy your end of the year festivities even more! Be safe and be merry. Happy New Year!

Lyrics here.

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