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“On Your Shoulders” – Urthboy ft. Solo & Jimbah

Tim Levinson is a Hip-Hop MC and producer from The Blue Mountains, Australia.  The Blue Mountains are, quite bluntly, a wondrous land.  Positioned a few hundred miles inland from Sydney, the mountains had been treasured for millenia by the Aboriginal inhabitants.  Now the mountains are preserved as a UNESCO world heritage site, and if you wanna see some beautiful pictures of one of the most stunning places on earth click either here or here!

Back to the music.

Urthboy’s musical career began at an early age, when he was exposed to a broad range of musical styles. In his early years, his older brother, who went on to be a DJ and co-edit a music magazine, continually shared and instilled his eclectic taste in music with his younger sibling, giving Levinson a great taste and appreciation for both old and new music in a wide array of genres.

His first foray into music was with a ban named Explanetary.  This band was composed of 3 core members, with Levinson delivering vocals.  However, after one album release (In On The Deal EP) the group disbanded.

He has since released 4 solo albums, and has found great success in Australia.  With a number of successful singles and most of his albums in the charts in Australia, Urthboy continues to cement his position as a major force for Aussie Hip-Hop.  “On Your Shoulders” was featured on his most recent album, Smokey’s Haunt  (October 2012) which has been finding it’s way onto a few “Top Ten of 2012” lists on the interwebs and was selected as a “Feature Album” on national Australian radio station, Triple J.

I pick my words carefully when I say that I LOVE this song.  It bleeds personality and emotion for every second of its 4 minutes and 49 seconds, and although it’s hard to keep up with the lyrics you get the distinct impression that they mean something without even listening.  Of the many, many fantastic lines in this song I managed to prick my ears up and scribble these down as there are no lyrics listed online:

As fate would have it we inhabit an era where activism considered sharing a facebook status

“Cover The Night” and make Kony famous, simplistic ideas and benevolent strangers

Who gave you the authority?  Put you in a position of superiority?

You have to ask yourself, what’s the priority

The change you want to see or who you wanna be seen to be?

I love it.  Clever, well spoken, and intelligent.  Even if I had to listen three times to start understanding this song.

More about Urthboy here.

On Your Shoulders (feat. Solo, Jimblah) - Smokey's Haunt (Bonus Version)

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