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“Down In Mexico” – The Coasters

Todays write up comes from Will Pelleteri of Boston, MA.  Will is a lover of all genres, so it comes as no surprise that he brings us a little known gem from the realm of doo-wop.  Enjoy this great song, thanks Will!

In acknowledgment of Quentin Tarantino’s new film, “Django Unchained,” I decided to pick a song from one of his soundtracks (this song happens to come off the soundtrack of “Death Proof”). While I’ve never been a huge fan of his, the soundtracks to his movies are consistently bad ass. Incredibly bad ass. The man has impeccable taste in music.

The Coasters is a doo-wop band formed in the mid-fifties (I was actually a little surprised to see them classified as doo-wop, until I realized the backup singers are literally singing “doo-wop” in this song). “Down in Mexico” was the group’s first single, released a year after the group’s formation, and instantly became a hit on the R&B charts. This song has a great blues sound with a ton of soul, and opens with some seriously sexy saxophone.

In 1987, The Coasters became the first group (not individual artist) inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so they were clearly greatly influential and amazingly talented. Then again, they also recorded “Yakety Yak.” I hope you enjoy this one, though.

Lyrics here.

More about The Coasters here.

Down In Mexico - Down In Mexico

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