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“Nike’s On My Feet” – Mac Miller

Well well well, first he posts a song that uses shoes as allegories for consumerism and now he’s posting a song that does nothing but promote Nikes.  What a hypocrite this Nate guy is.

Let me defend myself.  First of all, I love sneakers (or dope kicks as I affectionately call them in perfect wangster style).  LOVE THEM.  I have a “dope” pair of Jordans that I rock given any opportunity.  I actually play basketball in mine too, which is pretty gosh darn cool of me.  Plus I got them cheap on sale, BLAOW!

But to be honest, this isn’t about shoes.  This is about music.  And Mac Miller, a little Jewish kid from Pittsburgh, absolutely shreds the beat apart on “Nike’s On My Feet” from the mixtape K.I.D.S. (Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit).   Free download here, just click the little arrow at the link!

Malcolm James McCormick was born on January 19, 1992, the son of Karen Meyers, a photographer, and Mark McCormick, an architect.  His father is Christian and his mother is Jewish; Miller was raised Jewish and had a Bar Mitzvah.  In high school, Miller decided to focus on his hip-hop career, later noting, “Once I hit 15, I got real serious about it and it changed my life completely … I used to be into sports, play all the sports, go to all the high school parties. But once I found out hip-hop is almost like a job, that’s all I did.”  Miller, a self-taught musician, plays piano, guitar, drums, and bass.

Mac has had a few song get some pretty serious airtime, including his single “Donald Trump” which even garnered a response from the big haired man himself who said “Who wouldn’t be flattered?” and even called Miller “the new Eminem”.  I would completely disagree, but that is for another discussion.  His lfirst album Blue Slide Park (great album) also debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 in November 2011.  Miller has shown himself to be extremely prolific, releasing 7 mixtapes, 2 EP’s, and 2 studio albums.  He even has a mixtape, and EP, AND an album slated for 2013 already!   On October 14th, Miller announced first on Ustream and later on Twitter that Pink Slime would be released before the end of the year and that his second album, which will be titled Watching Movies with the Sound Off, will be released in early 2013.  The album will feature guests such as Schoolboy Q (three times), Ab-Soul, Cam’ron, Earl Sweatshirt and Gucci Mane. When speaking of the album Miller said that it is “very introspective and very personal so it’s kind of throwing it all out there and seeing what happens.”  Glad to hear it!

Stated bluntly, I think Mac Miller is one of the great hip-hop talents of our time.  Although this song might just be about shoes and weed, he has many songs that are extremely insightful, and he shows a grasp of low key hip-hop that is rare in rappers these days.  His music videos are stunning (See “Frick Park Market” or “Of The Soul” for examples) and he’s only 20( almost 21)!  On top of this, I will go as far as to call “Nike’s On My Feet” one of the best rap songs ever.  Want proof?  Download it, put on your favorite shoes, and go for a walk with this in your ears.  Then, inevitably, download all his albums.

Lyrics here.

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