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“Number Won (feat. Malik B)” – PaceWon & Mr. Green

Today’s song is pretty simple, so I’m not gonna try and talk it up too much. It’s got a mean bass line, solid sampling, and lyrics about Ewoks. Nuff said.

All right, I’ll elaborate a little. The sample is from the classic song “One”, originally written by Harry Nilsson and released in 1968. Nilsson was inspired to write the song when he called someone and got a busy signal. He remained on the line listening to the beeping as he wrote the lyrics, and included a busy signal as the opening notes to the song during recording.  “One” was made more famous a year later when it was covered by the band Three Dog Night, and reached number 5 (not 1) on the Billboard chart.

Depending on your stance on sampling, or hip-hop in general, you may be thinking that I should have just gone with the original song as my post. You’re probably right, Nilsson’s “One” has stood the test of time, and remains a beautiful song that people of all ages can relate to. However, I choose to believe that by sampling “One”, PaceWon and Mr. Green aren’t degrading Nilsson’s work, but sharing some of his genius with a younger generation. They won me over with their tight, simple beat, creative lyrics, and yes, Star Wars references. I’m a sucker for sci-fi rap, sue me.

Hope you enjoy “Number Won”, if not, I’ve include a link to “One” at the bottom.

“One” – Harry Nilsson

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