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“Gold” – Sir Sly

Sir Sly is an up and coming LA based trio who are releasing their first EP through a Neon Gold label in February. The EP consists of three synth ballads, with “Gold” as the headline, backed up by equally moody tracks, “Where I’m Going” and “Ghost”. On their blog, Neon Gold bill the three musicians as pop-noir mysteriosos taking the world by storm with their “monochromatic blend of vigilante pop.” I have no idea what vigilantism has to do with their sound, but you have to admit, it does have a nice ring to it. They’re definitely right when they label Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito, and Hayden Coplen as mysteriosos though, other than their names, I completely struck out on info for any of them on the interwebs. I’m sure that will change soon enough as they continue their rise through the synth-pop underworld.

Anyway, I hope you all have a good day honoring the man with a dream, and like Jacobs so hauntingly puts in the chorus, I hope you find your dream, as well.

Some more info about Sir Sly on the Neon Gold blog.

A little more info.