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“The Devil Wears A Suit” – Kate Miller-Heidke

Kate Miller-Heidke is a classically trained opera vocalist turned solo singer-songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. She studied music in college and received degrees from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and from the Queensland University of Technology. Prior to her career in alternative pop music, she made her professional operatic debut as Flora in the Turn Of The Screw with Opera Queensland. She also won numerous awards for her classical vocal work, including the Elizabeth Muir Prize, the Donald Penman Prize, and the Horace Keats Prize.

Despite her many accolades, Ms. Miller-Heidke decided to venture in a different direction when she began to pursue her solo career in 2002. Over the next three years she toured extensively throughout Australia and independently released her first two EP’s, Telegram and Comikaze. The single “Space They Cannot Touch” from Telegram found widespread radio success and led to Miller-Heidke getting signed by Sony Australia in 2006. She has released three studio albums through Sony; Little Eve in 2007, Curiouser in 2008, and Nightflight in the spring of 2012.

Today’s song is off that most recent album, Nightflight, and showcases Miller-Heidke’s vocal mastery. The song is one part pounding drum line, one part Irish jig, and two parts haunting vocal melody. All in all, it equals four parts awesome, hope you enjoy it.

P.S.If you haven’t watched the video yet, I would recommend keeping it that way and listening to the song without it. I personally found the visuals distracting and a little disturbing towards the end. There, that’s my two cents.

Lyrics here.

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