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“Shelter” – Current Swell

Today Alec Ruiz-Roman writes to us from Somerville, MA.  Alec is an EDM fan and DJ, but shares his surprising depth of taste in music by bringing us this folk gem from our friends to the north.  Enjoy!

Canadian folk group Current Swell brings us today’s selection, “Shelter”. The five-man group from Vancouver started out playing music together in high school and performing in backyards. The group gained word-of-mouth popularity, leading them to play to a sold-out crowd for their first ever show. The power of the internet aided the group’s rise due to their online presence, and grew a devoted internet fan base. This fan base and a very popular YouTube video of their song Young and Able led them to play concerts and festivals all over Canada, the United States, Brazil, and Australia. The group even made an appearance at the 2010 Winter Olympic games! Current Swell has been able to create a following without a major record label backing them, which is no small feat with the current state of the music industry (which I won’t delve into…..today).

Shelter is a relaxing, laid back tune that brings back memories made with the closest of friends. Despite being from Vancouver, their “surf-rock” characterization shines through in this song, with a chorus that brings me all the way from cold Boston to the beaches of Southern California at sunset.

“Shelter” is taken from the album Long Time Ago, which was released in Canada in 2011 and is now available on their website.  Enjoy!

More about Current Swell here.