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“Keep On Swinging” – Rival Sons

I hope you people are ready for some good ol’ rock ’n’ roll. A friend of mine introduced me to the Rival Sons a couple days ago, and I haven’t been able to stop headbanging since. You’ve been warned.

The Rival Sons are a throwback four-member rock band. Guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Robin Everhart, and drummer Michael Miley created the band in 2008. They then contacted singer Jay Buchanan via Myspace and after an unsuccessful attempt were eventually able to convince him to join the band. The group initially signed with Atlantic Records, but soon parted ways with the label before independently releasing their first studio album Before The Fire in 2009. They toured as the opening act for AC/DC and Alice Cooper, and attracted notice from British metal label Earache. Rival Sons signed with Earache in the fall of 2010, and released their second studio album Pressure & Time the following year. The album’s cover was designed by industry legend Storm Thorgerson of Dark Side Of The Moon fame.

Frontman Jay Buchanan attributes his musical style to his love of blues and country growing up. While doing research for this post I read an interview that he did with Rock Edition in 2011 which I highly recommend you read here. He’s very candid about his views on current bands and music, and doesn’t pull any punches. This is his response when asked about emotion in music and how it has evolved over the years:

“Absolutely. I’ll sit here and talk shit on all kinds of bands. Rock ‘n’ roll is really born out of the blues and country — like real country music, the old school stuff that grew out of mountain music. That was honest stuff — people singing about real stuff. One thing that’s timeless when it comes to blues, rock, opera, or pop music: it’s always going to be about “You baby, you baby.” That’s real. You can hear the difference. People that know the difference, it’s unmistakable to them. A bone-chilling voice comes over the radio and it stops you in your tracks and you go, “Hold on, some real shit is going on there.” There’s something really honest. 95% of what you hear on a day-to-day basis is not real. I think people are aware of that. When you really get nailed, it can overtake you. The difference between now and then is that there’s a lot of other things going on. When of all this shit was really new, the electric guitar was new. These wound pickups, the amplifiers, all this technology: the 4-track recorder, the 8-track recorder — all of these things were still new and people were really trying to push and innovate because that’s all that could be done. Everything got cracked open. Jazz and bebop were going on at that time. Rock ‘n’ roll just caught on like lightning. It translated so well to the young because rock ‘n’ roll is a very knucklehead thing — there’s nothing to it. All you need is a couple of chords, turn it up loud, put it through a fuzz box and get someone to scream on the microphone — people get it.”

Hope you enjoy today’s righteous jam in all its glory, and if “Keep On Swinging” wasn’t enough Rival Sons for you, check out their single “Pressure & Time” here to witness them create pure rock.

Lyrics here.

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