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“Silver Wings” – Thrice

Today we enjoy Alec Ruiz-Ramon’s 2nd OST post.  Hopefully to become one of many!  Enjoy.

Thrice undertook a large project from 2006-08 in writing “The Alchemy Index”. The group chose to write four albums, each characterizing the elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Today’s selection, Silver Wings, comes from their Air album. Since it is the final song from the disc, it matches the form of each of the other final songs on the other albums – a sonnet characterizing man’s relationship to each element. Each is in iambic pentameter with a concluding rhyming couplet, and each final track contains the same progression and vocal melody, although they are in different keys.

Silver Wings is a gorgeous song to me – the vocal overlap from one line to another is flawless, and the reverb-filled piano and xylophones are contrasted with a roaring bass. The song’s lyrics are an incredibly moving personification. It describes how we see things, and how we, as humans, tend to be pessimists. Silver Wings uses the wind as an example, looking at how it is blamed for hurricanes and tornadoes but not thanked for all of its’ benefits (notably breathing).
The final couplet reads “And after all of this, I am amazed / That I am cursed for more than I am praised.” It reminds me of someone reflecting back on their life, thinking that no matter how hard they try to do good in the world, it is much easier to remember someone for their faults.  Silver Wings is an incredibly moving and incredibly beautiful song, and I hope you enjoy it.

Lyrics here.

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Silver Wings - The Alchemy Index, Vol. 3 & 4: Air & Earth

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