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“Mind of Logic” – Logic

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II (born January 22, 1990), Logic was born in 1990 in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Throughout his childhood, both of his parents suffered from crack addiction and alcoholism. His father was not a part of his childhood, but they are in contact with each other now. He attended Gaithersburg High School but did not graduate. Since his mother didn’t fight it, Logic was expelled and instead put his time and effort into pursuing his music career. In hindsight, he wishes he would have stayed in school and received that proper education and always encourages his fans to do so. “I remember telling the kids [at my old high school], ‘All you kids that are here today to watch me speak to you guys have people that actually love you and care about you that make you go to school.’ And I said, ‘There are people in this auditorium as well that have nobody, but you’re still here and those same people are stronger than even I was.’ So education is a real big deal.” Logic left his mother’s home at 17, lived with a friend and got two jobs. Since then, he and his mother are not in constant communication.

Logic first got into rap by watching Kill Bill at the age of 15 and finding out that RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan did the score. He started listening to Wu-Tang and delved deeper into hip-hop from there. The first hip-hop album he bought was The Roots “Do You Want More?!!!??!” Other big influences include his mentor Solomon Taylor and friend Lenbo, who let Logic live with him and make music in his basement.

Although he is a hip-hop artist, Logic is heavily influenced by Frank Sinatra. As a child, his mother made him watch old black and white movies, which formed his love for Frank Sinatra and influenced how he represents himself with the way he speaks and how he interacts with others with peace, love, grace, positivity, honor, and valor. Because of Frank Sinatra, Logic says he does his best to carry himself in an intellectual and kind manner..[9] Just as Sinatra had the Rat Pack, Logic has his RattPack (an acronym for “Real All The Time” and consisting of friends such as his manager Chris, his producers 6ix and OB, and friend/fellow rapper C Dot Castro). Logic describes Sinatra as a man who was, “suave, debonair, honorable, respectable, with valor and grace.” Logic’s female fans are also called BobbySoxers just as Frank’s were. He describes BobbySoxer girls as beautiful, intelligent, elegant, educated, classy, hardworking, young women. Logic also refers to himself as “Young Sinatra.”

Most of this write up was taken verbatim from Wikipedia, but this is not because I do not feel passionately about Logics talent. He has a gift for putting his emotions into song, and he has the ability to make both moving songs and club bangers. I’ve spent days listening to almost nothing but his Young Sinatra mixtape, and I still listen to it regularly. I recommend you check it out, and get the free download here!! Enjoy.

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