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“Pump Me Up” – Krosfyah

This is yet another song that takes me back to the Caribbean.  The vibe and the sound could put me at carnival if I was on top of Everest.

Krosfyah is a Barbadian band, and was formed in 1989.  The lead singer, Edwin Yeargood, has amassed a pile of Calypso awards, and has been able to reach a new crowd of young Soca fans with the bands upbeat rhythms.  “Pump It Up” was released in 1995 on their album of the same name, and has been their highest grossing album to date.  However, it’s not the album sales that matter with small bands such as this.  It’s the staying power of their music in Socas home: the Caribbean.  And trust me, this song has been holding strong for 12 years.

Although I was unable to find much info on the band, I’m sure you can enjoy this cool island song and imagine you’re on a beach.  Then go enjoy the snow.

Lyrics here.

More about Krosfyah here.