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“Evil is Alive and Well” – Jakob Dylan

Seeing Things  was Jakob Dylan’s first solo release in 2008 following a decade with The Wallflowers (“One Headlight” fame).  It was met with mixed reviews, many of which stated that Jakob, Bob Dylan’s son, couldn’t possibly ever be as good as his dad.  OK, that’d be tough, but let’s listen to the guy for his own merits.  His voice:  smooth, alternating with gritty.  Lyrics:  the poetry is coming along.  Sound:  the 10 songs range from total pessimism to optimism and make a good listen.

He has followed up with another solo album, Women + Country, released in 2010 with a collection of 11 songs.  After being blasted with comparisons to his dad, Bob, after the release of  Seeing Things, this album left people thinking that Jakob can find his own way.

 Lyrics here.

Evil Is Alive and Well - Seeing Things