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“Can’t You See” – The Marshall Tucker Band

Five men are sitting in an old warehouse.  They have come together to form a band, but have no name for this band.  One of the men, which one is unclear, glances at the key to the warehouse and sees “Marshall Tucker” written on the key.  That is how band names are made.

Marshall Tucker was actually a blind piano tuner who had rented the warehouse previously.  The landlord had forgotten to change the key, and inadvertently helped name one of the most influential Southern Rock bands America has ever seen.

Originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, The Marshall Tucker Band’s blend of rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and gospel helped establish the Southern rock genre in the early 1970s.  Their self-titled debut, produced by Paul Hornsby, was released in 1973, and certified gold in 1975.  All of the tracks were written by Toy Caldwell (Lead Guitar, Vocals), including “Can’t You See”.  After the album’s release, the band began touring, playing upwards of 300 shows per year throughout the decade.  Southern rock fiddler Charlie Daniels later recalled that the Marshall Tucker Band “came onstage and just blew it out from start to finish.”

The Marshall Tucker Band continues to tour (with a very different cast of characters) and release albums, which have been somewhat successful.  However their string of albums from 1973 to 1975, with TWO albums released in 1974 alone, all went Gold.  Their influence on the Rock scenery of the US and the world cannot be underestimated, and this song can’t be overplayed.  I always enjoy it’s floating melodies and badass guitar solos, and I hope you do too.

Lyrics here.

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The Marshall Tucker Band - The Marshall Tucker Band

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