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“Original Don” – Major Lazer

Major Lazer is comprised of two producer- DJs: Diplo and Switch. Currently, Switch no longer plays with Major Lazer. Due to what we hear is internal conflict of interest, Switch has since been replaced with a look-a-like DJ,  Jillionaire.

My history with this song is as follows. In 2009, I was introduced to this song by a dear friend who told me that at first I would not like the song one bit. He was entirely correct. I felt that the tune lacked melody, continuity, and was far from anything anyone would ever want to listen to in a frat house basement party situation.

I was told that this song would “go off” at any party played for college students, and at first it did not… In fact, it was that final nail in the coffin that cleared the dance floor one night later that year. After racking up well over 50 plays on my iTunes, Original Don somehow made it into a more major set for roughly 4,000 college students in 2011. I was timid to play it at first, but in the 4th quarter of the night, I felt it was time to unleash the guttural beats of Original Don unto the masses.

The reaction was spectacular. Girls shot their shoes off the dance floor and surrounded themselves with their closest friends. In a whirlwind of drunken head banging and hair twirls, the dance floor erupted in a visceral tribal rage-a-thon. Nothing was held back. The contrast of halftime reggae beats and frantic pounding bass was almost too much for the crowd to handle. They seemed to question what it was they were doing, almost ashamed of how freely they let their inhibitions go, nay, this was unabashed partying at it’s finest.

So, dear reader, just listen to this track like 50-60 times and you too can get on our level.

More about Major Lazer here

Original Don (feat. The Partysquad) [Remixes] - EP - Major Lazer

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