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“I Love The Nightlife” – Alicia Bridges

I Love The Nightlife, Mr. Anderson.

I am a huge fan of Disco, but this music video is something else.  Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith, Elrond of Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and as shown, The Adventures of Priscilla) makes a mean cross dresser.  I never would have guessed.  Happy Friday!

From Wikipedia:

Alicia Bridges was born in Lawndale, North Carolina, a small town in Cleveland County. She sang from a very young age and learned to play guitar at the age of 10. At the age of 12 she had her own radio program, The Alicia Bridges Show, broadcast every Saturday on station WADA in Shelby, North Carolina. Occasionally she would sing on the show but has said what she is most proud of is that she “ran all the dials, the turntables, cued the records and made all the announcements live on the air.

In 1978 Bridges was a Grammy nominee and was the opening act, performing “I Love the Nightlife”. Bridges’ self-titled LP, Alicia Bridges, was also rising on the Billboard, Cash Box and Record World charts and the LP remained on the charts for up to 35 weeks. Both the LP and the single release were international successes, and “I Love the Nightlife” went top 40 in the UK and Germany, Spain and other European countries. Bridges’ music was especially popular in Japan as well. She received an RIAA Certified Gold Record for the sale of over one million copies of her hit single in the USA, as well as a gold record from Canada.

Contrary to the impression created by her success with “I Love the Nightlife”, Alicia was primarily a singer of rock, blues and love songs. “I Love the Nightlife” has a definite back beat and organ similar to early 1970s R&B; the original intention was for “I Love the Nightlife” to be an R&B song, but when publishing mogul Bill Lowery first heard the song, he envisioned it as a disco dance tune. Soon after, Jim Burgess created a 12″ single remix. Ultimately this mix became a worldwide hit. The song has been featured in several movies, including Love at First Bite, The Last Days of Disco and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

In 1983, a woman was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee for pretending to be Alicia Bridges during a country music convention. Bridges drove from her home in Atlanta to give evidence in the case. Bridges stated that she had been plagued by an impostor for five years.

Lyrics here.

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