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“Heartbeats” – The Knife

“Heartbeats” – José González

Swedish siblings Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson make up the electronic band The Knife, formed in 1999. They gained international acclaim after they released their second album, Deep Cuts, on their own label Rabid Records in 2003. After achieving fame they embarked on a world tour in 2006, in which they were performing onstage for the first time ever. The duo is known for being uncooperative with the media, only appearing in public in Venetian-style facemasks and not attending awards ceremonies. “Heartbeats” is the lead single off of Deep Cuts.

In 2003 José González released his debut album, Veneer, which included a cover of “Heartbeats”. His version became famous after being included in a Sony commercial and helped to launch him and The Knife to worldwide fame.

I love both versions of this song. The grittiness of the electronic version is fantastic, and the acoustic take on it brings a whole different feel to the lyrics. Hope you enjoy both.

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