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Hold Out” – The Reign of Kindo

Hold Out is a great song for really any mood. A childhood friend first introduced me to this group, and my life as a musician has never been the same. Their intricate blending of Latin, Jazz, and Rock is something other groups should aspire to. This was the first song I heard by this group and I was instantly hooked; it’s such a thrilling song. The percussion is fantastic, with both a drummer and a percussion section coming in and out of the mix to create some very impressive textures. The song comes from their album Rhythm, Chord, & Melody, and since then they have released another album, This Is What Happens, and another should be released this year. Hopefully you enjoy this song as much as I do, and it sparks an interest in this very talented group of musicians, they’re hands down one of the best groups I’ve heard as well as the most talented.

Lyrics here.

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