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“Fake Empire” – The National

Viewers Choice!

Todays song comes from Mara Rettig of Somerville, MA.  Let this soothing, subtle song set the tone for your Sunday!

The National, based out of Brooklyn, NY, is made up of a group of childhood friends who started the band after attending the University of Cincinnati together. “Fake Empire” is from the band’s fourth record, “The Boxer” and is one of my favorite songs.

With lyrics that are almost incomprehensibly mumbled, “Fake Empire” is a soulful melody played on piano and horns, incorporating a rhythm new to rock music. Throughout the length of the song, the mood elevates from melancholy to joyful as the horns and guitars join in.

“Fake Empire” is one of The National’s biggest hits. They played the tune on their television debut, and an instrumental version of the song was even used in Obama’s campaign video during the 2008 presidential campaign and at that year’s Democratic National Convention, becoming an unofficial anthem for the future president.

This song always puts me in a good, relaxed mood, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


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