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“Power Happy” – Con Bro Chill

Con Bro Chill has a pretty interesting back-story. Frontman, lead keytarist, lead dancer, and party host Connor Martin played lacrosse for Chapman University and was drafted to play professionally for the Denver Outlaws after graduating. During college Connor began creating a series of Youtube videos starring his alter ego, Con Bro Chill, an over-the-top parody of lacrosse bro-ness. Meanwhile, Connor’s brother SAMM was working as a musician/producer/director for Warner Chapel/Atlantic and started helping create and direct CBC’s music videos. The two brothers were gradually joined by the third and fourth band members/hype-men, Steve Felts and Ty Andre. Over the last few years they released two EP’s on iTunes, This Is Cool and This Is Boom, and in the beginning of 2012 they released their first full-length album 3D Music. One of the strangest starts for a band that I’ve ever heard, but hey, whatever works.

I saw them live last week, and I can totally vouch for their energy and vivacious stage presence. They have wardrobe changes between every track, beach balls were thrown into the bar audience, and they absolutely dance their frickin asses off. I was blown away by the amount of neon my eyes were subjected to. If they ever make it around to your neck of the woods, I highly recommend you check them out and get a dose of dance medicine.

“Power Happy” is a good representation of their musical style, which is highly focused on dance/party atmosphere and makes no bones about it. “Dance Thief” (below the lyrics and info links) is a little more skit-like and showcases Connor’s alter ego a bit more. Hope you think these guys are as ridiculous (in a good way) as I do. Enjoy.

Lyrics here.

More about Con Bro Chill here.