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“Higher” – Just Blaze and Baauer

Baauer has blown up on the internet in recent weeks due to the viral success of his song, “Harlem Shake.” Just about everyone you know has done one of these simple 30 second videos of one person in a helmet dancing in a normal life situation, only to have their surroundings turn into chaos as the beat drops. I can’t stand the song anymore, I’ve heard it too many times. But this guy Baauer, aka Harry Rodrigues, was born in 1989 and has already had quite a successful career. Like the Prince of Bel Air, Baauer was born in West Philadelphia. He has dabbled in newer trends of hip-hop but got his start in house and electro. He has produced remixes for Nero, Flosstradamus, and No Doubt.

On this particular collaboration, Just Blaze joins the young producer to create a spectacularly bass-heavy track that gets a little help from our good friend Hova. “Higher” is a great example of how there is hope for young EDM enthusiasts. As it was in 2007 when dubstep infiltrated mainstream popular music, trap music has now resurfaced in the popular realm to be consumed by young, predominantly white, bassheads. It seems to serve as a refreshing change of pace from the typical club banger at 128 bpm. Dubstep typically resides around 140 bpm (or it’s halftime equivalent, 70 bpm). Trap music contains relatively little noise between the extremely low bass and high pitched synths and hi-hats. However, “Higher” serves as an excellent break in this rule. As you will hear, there is a lot going on musically and sonically through the build. The multiple drops in “Higher” showcase Baauer and Just Blaze’s production expertise.

Just Blaze is a G and has been around forever. He produced Jay-Z’s The Blueprint and the sample featured in this track is from “U Don’t Know.”

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