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“Hanuman” – Rodrigo y Gabriela

Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero make up the duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, an up-tempo guitar-plucking duo hailing from Mexico. They both grew up in middle class families in Mexico City and were heavily influenced by traditional flamenco, classic rock, and also heavy metal. They cite Metallica as a major influence and after meeting as teenagers they formed a metal band called Tierra Acida with Rodrigo’s brother. The record deal for Tierra Acida fell through in 1997, and from there Sanchez and Quintero moved to a resort town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico to play in beachside bars. After growing frustrated with the limited venues available to them, they decided to move to Dublin to explore a larger music scene. Rodrigo y Gabriela busked on the streets as well as playing in pubs and eventually got their break opening for larger acts. They began to tour the European music festivals and in 2006 released their eponymous album, Rodrigo y Gabriela. It beat Arctic Monkeys and Johnny Cash to the #1 slot in the Irish Albums Chart. They broke onto the American music scene later that year.

Upon seeing them play it quickly becomes evident that they’ve been playing together for a very, very long time. Those years of practice playing on beaches, streets, and stages around the world have clearly paid off. They’re utterly in sync and completely shred their signature nylon-stringed Yamaha NX series guitars. Hope you enjoy.

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