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R.I.P. Alvin Lee, December 19, 1944 – March 6, 2013.

Woodstock, August 17th 1969:  Country Joe & the Fish finished up their set, and on came Ten Years After who played this song which has been been covered by many blues and rock  musicians alike throughout the years.  Some information points to Buffy Sainte Marie as the songwriter.  Though not totally indicative of this bands music, it is a slice of Lee’s vocal and guitar talent and ability to rock both the blues and rock’n’roll.  Guitar Aficionado had this to say: “For a full-on blues-rocking experience, there’s no beating Ten Years After’s adrenaline-fueled reading of ‘I’m Going Home.’ The performance, an intense nod to vintage blues and ’50s rock and roll, featured the lightning-fast fretwork of Ten Years After frontman Alvin Lee. ‘The solo on the movie sounds pretty rough to me these days,’ Lee told Guitar Aficionado late last week. ‘But it had the energy, and that was what Ten Years After were all about at the time.’ “

Audiences were wowed by Lee’s distinctive, soulful, rapid fire guitar playing and the band’s innovative mix of blues, swing jazz and rock.  TYA would ultimately tour the USA 28 times in 7 years, more than any other U.K. band.

Listen to “Love Like a Man”, “I’d Love to Change the World”,  and one of my favorites off the album Ssssh,  “The Stomp”, which is a powerful blend of blues and rock.

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I'm Going Home - Goin' Home