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“Hip Hop Is Good” – E-Dubble

E-Dubble started crafting his unique sound and lyrical style when he began attending St. Mary’s College of Maryland where he met future band mate Skeltz. What started off as two friends making beats, and mixing “power hour” tapes quickly materialized into a long portfolio of tracks. In 2002 Skeltz introduced E-Dubble to some of his musically inclined high school friends from Baltimore named Tup, Stubbs and Glaze who were attending University of Maryland, and Peter Muth at Wheeling Jesuit University. The six friends began producing songs, ranging from rap to rock to country, and in looking for an easy format to exchange their new creations formed the website Irishtoothache.com in 2003. The popularity of the makeshift group resulted in several successful college shows and opening performances for signed artists.

Upon graduation from college E-Dubble took the summer off, moved in with his gracious parents and took to the basement, creating his first official mixtape entitled “Straight Outta St. Mary’s.”  In June of 2008 moved to Baltimore to live with his friends and IrishToothache collaborators.  Together they formed the popular Baltimore hip-hop band Young English, and played their first show in July of 2008. The group went on to purchase a beautifully renovated warehouse, aptly dubbed “The Hampden Mansion,” where E-Dubble would later go on to write, record, and produce his debut album Hip-Hop Is Good.

The title track is todays song, and I love it.  The beat is absolutely sublime, and the lyrics reinforce my love for this genre.  As much as some people hate the fact that hip-hop is often about bragging about your own talent, I love that about this music.  I’m badass because I’m badass at rapping.  I agree, go on with your badass self.

Lyrics here.