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“Freaker By The Speaker” – Keller Williams

Known aslo just as Keller, Mr. Williams has been dazzling crowds with his eccentric performance and skilled musicianship since the early 190s. Keller has worked with The String Cheese Incident, Umphrey’s McGee among many other jam bands. What’s interesting about Keller Williams, however, is that he is a one-man-band himself.

He does his own vocals, plays guitar, bass, percussion, the synthesizer, a theremin, and even piano. He continuously builds loops of his instruments to create a groove and then can solo over the song he created from scratch. Combined with witty poetry and non-sensical topics, Keller makes for an incredibly exciting performer.

He has consistently put out an album of new material every year. His repertoire is immense and diverse. He is stunning as a solo artist as well as in his collaborations. “Freaker By The Speaker” is one of his more famous tracks and in this video Keller shows off his skill at several instruments.

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Freeker By the Speaker - Laugh

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