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“Youths Dem Cold” – Richie Spice

Richell Bonner (born September 8, 1971), better known as Richie Spice is a Jamaican reggae artist.  Bonner was born in Rock Hall, St. Andrew, Jamaica.  He is the brother of Pliers, Spanner Banner and Snatcha Lion.  His first Jamaican single “Killing a Sound” was produced by Dennis “Star” Hayes. This was followed by “Shine”, produced by Clive Hunt. Spice also teamed up with Hunt for his debut album on the Island Jamaica label from which came his first major hit “Grooving my girl”.

Spice has been a staple of the Caribbean Reggae scene for some time, and has had some commercial success in the US as well.  “Youths Dem Cold” was even featured in Grand Theft Auto IV, which I have to say had a killer soundtrack.  This song laments the violence of some of todays young people, and is a great song to boot.  Enjoy!

Lyrics here.

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