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“Irish Celebration” – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I’m going to continue OST’s Macklemore obsession with today’s track, I just can’t help myself. I thought for sure Nate was going to post this song yesterday on St. Paddy’s, but since he didn’t, I get to! A day late, but here it is, Macklemore’s tribute to his heritage. “Irish Celebration” is off of Macklemore’s first collaborative effort with Ryan Lewis producing, The VS. EP, released in 2009.

I’m writing this on St. Paddy’s so I’m going to keep it short as there are some pints that require my attention. Hope you enjoy this fusion of Irish melody with hip hop beats, Ryan Lewis sure is good at what he does.

F*ck the London Guard! Sláinte and cheers!

Lyrics here.

More about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis here.