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“Failbait” – Deadmau5  ft. Cypress Hill

Today’s song comes from Deadmau5, the “EDM Legend” – although if he heard me say that, he’d probably have a cow – all it takes a simple google search of “deadmau5 rant” to see that Joel Zimmerman is not afraid to speak his mind.

This track is a departure from his usual style of 128bpm-area songs, such as his smash hit “I Remember” with Kaskade from ’07. Failbait has a laid back, swung beat with Cypress Hill rapping over the top. It still features some of his drum and bass sounds that have made him so popular, but blended with an aggressive, gritty hip-hop feel.

This track comes from his album “Album Title Goes Here”, which has much more genre diversity from his previous albums. Certainly a step in the right direction for popular electronic music.