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“Muy Tranquilo” – Gramatik

Today’s song is an absolutely perfect “headphone blasting/watch the world slide on by” kinda tune. The piano is haunting and the beat transfixing. I’ve had it on loop for about 15 minutes now while crafting this post.

Gramatik is a Slovenian-born, Brooklyn-based producer who is committed to “freeing music by making it free”, which means that all his releases are available for download free of charge. However, I highly recommend you donate a few shekels to his righteous cause to help keep the awesomely chill music coming. Gramatik is known for incorporating sounds from all genres to create his diverse blend of beat and sample. He’s signed to fellow idealist producer Pretty Lights’ record label, Pretty Lights Music.

Hope you enjoy this groove and explore more of his tracks as well!

More about Gramatik here.