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“Scattered Thoughts” – Apollo The Great

A lot of rappers aim for an old hip-hop feel, but Apollo The Great really nails it. Good thing, because in all the interviews I read (the only sources of info I could find) this young man shamelessly compares himself to the likes of Jay-Z and Nas, which aside from being a bit sacrilegious to a hip-hop fan is extremely ambitious. Let’s move on.

Apollo The Great was born and raised in Camden County, NJ. He lost his father at the tender age of 6, growing up in a single parent household in Camden. It was his cousins influences and the influences of the environment around him that brought him to hip-hop. Apollo recalls, “At my Aunt Debra’s house on 38th street is were I first fell in love with hip hop. My big cousin was always blasting Nas or Jay-Z. I would learn the words to all the songs and then make my own words to them.”

There wasn’t a whole lot about Apollo out there, but damn I like this song. Enjoy!

Lyrics here.