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Tim Buckley – “Goodbye and Hello”

Today’s song is from a young poet/songwriter, who, unfortunately died young at the age of 28 in 1975.  He used his phenomenal voice as an instrument and his sound ranged from jazz, psychedelia, funk, soul, avant-garde.  “Goodbye and Hello” is from Buckley’s second album, of the same name, released in June 1967.  His voice had evolved by this time, with a wide range, vibrato and falsetto elements.He played many gigs while in high school, then went on to drop out of college and perform regularly in LA clubs.  He drew heavily on jazz influences and rejected a path leading to commercialization, even turning down night talk-show appearance requests.  A moody, introspective man, he was given to excessive drinking and drugging. Though he is said to have cleaned up, the combination proved fatal in the end and he died from a heroin overdose June 29, 1975.  He died with little to his name beyond the musical legacy of his nine albums. All he owned was a guitar and an amplifier, and he died in debt.

His son Jeff Buckley, also a very talented talented musician with a jazz/improv bent, proved to be a very good listen as well.  He had a vocal range of 3.5 to 4 octaves.  He, however, also died young, at the age of 31 from accidental drowning.  We mentioned an incredible track of his December 19th, 2012 (“Halleluja”) .

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“Goodbye and Hello”

Goodbye and Hello - The Best of Tim Buckley (Remastered)

Hallelujah - Grace