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The Beach Boys…the sound of California in ‘early 60’s that made everybody want to move to SoCal and stay there.  Simple, melodic, beautiful harmonies, innocent lyrics…depicting the youth culture of surfing, cars, and romance.  It was, indeed, another time and place than today.  Of all the music I was listening to at home, I think this group was the most widely accepted (and not smashed in the garage by the parents!)

The Beach Boys released their first album Surfin’ Safari in 1962 and continued to record and release albums prolifically for the next 40 years.  In 1966 they left the surfing songs behind and embarked on more of a psychedelic rock period, as heard in Pet Sounds.  They experimented with layering and new instrumentation.   “Good Vibrations”, one of their best known and most celebrated songs,  made use of a Tannerin (an easier-to-manipulate version of a Theremin).

The band started going through changes, and continued to do so til the present time.  It’s a long story.

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