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“Me Gustas Tú” – Manu Chao

Today was feeling awfully summery and warm around the Pacific Northwest, an extremely welcome change after the long months of rain we endure over the winter. I thought I’d go with a nice, simple Manu Chao song that reminds me of lots of sun and good times. ¡Me gusta la lluvia, pero me gusta el sol mucho mas!

José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao, or Manu Chao, was born to Spanish parents who emigrated to France shortly after his birth to avoid the dictatorship of Francisco Franco. He grew up in the outskirts of Paris, and in 1987 formed a band called Mano Negra with his brothers and cousin. They achieved moderate fame in Europe before disbanding in 1995. Manu then pursued a solo career, releasing first an album called Clandestino in 1998, and then Próxima Estación: Esperanza in 2001. Multilingual lyrics and upbeat street music melodies are hallmark Manu Chao characteristics.

Hope you enjoy!

Lyrics with translation here.

More about Manu Chao here.

Interesting article by David Byrne about the so-called World Music genre.

“In my experience, the use of the term world music is a way of dismissing artists or their music as irrelevant to one’s own life. It’s a way of relegating this “thing” into the realm of something exotic and therefore cute, weird but safe, because exotica is beautiful but irrelevant; they are, by definition, not like us. Maybe that’s why I hate the term. It groups everything and anything that isn’t “us” into “them.” This grouping is a convenient way of not seeing a band or artist as a creative individual, albeit from a culture somewhat different from that seen on American television. It’s a label for anything at all that is not sung in English or anything that doesn’t fit into the Anglo-Western pop universe this year.”     -David Byrne