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I was watching the news and saw that an ice shove destroyed many homes along the shore of  Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota.  Good grief!  It’s almost summer…why the ice?  The climate changes have been most peculiar, but that’s another story.  Back on track here, it started me thinking about how the arrival of summer makes people feel each spring, and what songs come to mind as having ushered in the summer.  One of the greatest was “Light My Fire” from The Doors in 1967.  It was released in April 1967 and sold over a million copies of the single.

According to Wikipedia, the song originated as a Robby Krieger unfinished composition, which the other band members then expanded upon, namely the recognizable intro composed by Ray Manzarek.  Although the album version was just over seven minutes long, it was widely requested for radio play, so a single version was edited to just under three minutes with nearly all the instrumental break removed for airplay on AM radio.  The song’s main riff “come on baby light my fire”, is the exact same riff created four years earlier in a 1964 Beatles’ song, You Can’t Do That, where John Lennon sings “’cause I’m the one that won your love”.

Lyrics here.

Light My Fire (Ed Sullivan Show Live 1967) - The Doors