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“Forever Young” – Bob Dylan

This is a tribute to Bob Dylan, who will be 72 on Friday, May 25th, and still touring.  What a major artist!  What a voice!  Happy birthday, Bob.

When I was 14, I got hooked on Bob Dylan’s music.  My parents would not let me play the vinyl when they were home (something about him sounding like a sick cow).  Guess they didn’t quite understand it wasn’t about his voice, but about the message.  Hard to find a better poet.  But that’s just my opinion.  This man changed music, changed the world and many of the people in it. He heavily influenced so many other artists, it isn’t practical to even start naming them.

This tune has been covered by other artists, as well as numerous versions by Bob himself.  At times I like a jazzier version, and covers with other bands.  Check a few of them out.

Lyrics here.

More about Bob Dylan here.
Forever Young - The Essential Bob Dylan