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“Life Has Value” – Chill Bump

Today’s song is from Chill Bump, a French hip hop duo working out of Tours. I posted another song by them last year, but I’ve still been listening to their EP’s on a regular basis. I recommend you pick them up from their website, where they are available for free download or for a donation of your choice.

“Life Has Value” is off their EP, Hidden Strings, which focuses lyrically on the global influence of corporations and capitalism. The sample used throughout the song is from the 1976 satirical film, Network, which won four Academy Awards. The tirade you hear sampled in the song resonates particularly well nowadays.  Hidden Strings also features “Modern Man Intermission”, a song that features George Carlin laying down some rhymes. Rants against the corporatocracy and George Carlin rapping. What more could you want?!

Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics here.

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