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“Naked Lunch” – Nacho Picasso

I was introduced to Nacho Picasso by a friend of mine recently when I met up with him at one of Nacho’s shows. He told me that Picasso was his favorite Seattle area rapper, and that’s battling some pretty big names at the moment for the top dog spot. Anyway, I went to meet him and ended up getting hooked on Nacho’s moody lyrics and Blue Sky Black Death’s (mainly) trance inducing beats.

According to Nacho his moniker came to him in a dream, Nacho stands for money, cheese and chips, and Picasso is for his lyrical mastery in painting a perfect picture. Now whether he was actually asleep when he had this epiphany or only hanging with Alice in Wonderland is up to your own interpretation.

“Naked Lunch” is a good representation of the moodiness of his tracks, a wee bit different style than fellow Seattle rapper and current bigwig, Macklemore. Here is a link to another Picasso song, “Marvel”, which showcases Nacho’s love of all things comic and heroic.

Like I said, I’m hooked, and am downloading his first two albums as I’m writing this. Hope you enjoy and support him as well.

Lyrics here.