One Song Today was created with a simple purpose: To bring our viewers one great song every day.

Mankind faces more terrible music today than it has ever before.  Lyrics with no purpose, uninspired beats, and artists with no vision plague listeners.  We hope that this site can show you some new music you will fall in love with, remind you about the music you loved and forgot about, and show you the music that other people love.  In addition, every song on OST will feature info about the artist, because you can never fully understand a song without understanding its creator.  Click through, enjoy learning about the interesting individuals that bring you their art.

If you know a song you think people deserve to hear feel free to send it to us, we love guest contributors!  Just make sure to include a short paragraph about the artist and the song, and a short blurb about yourself.  If you like our music check out/subscribe to our youtube channel here, and make sure to check out our sister site to see one fantastic work of art every day!