Our Team

Each day one of us will post a song, and in order to understand why we pick the songs we do we think it’s important you know who we are. Plus this is more fun!
Nate Rosenberg

Nate grew up in the US Virgin Islands, where his love for reggae and hip hop was nurtured in the culture of the caribbean. At home, however, Nate was lucky to have parents that were passionate fans of classic rock and children of the Woodstock era. The combination of modern music Nate heard in his daily life and the protest songs of the 60’s he heard at home has given him a deep love of many genres. Music has helped him through many struggles in life, and he hopes to pass that on to the viewers of this website. Nate writes the posts for Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays.

Jessica Rosenberg 

Jessica was the kid from Minnesota who was always pounding on pans, making music in the woods, playing sax and cello, singing in the chorus and school musicals.  Then came the 60s.  Civil Rights marches, MLK, Vietnam, Altamont, Summer of  Love, Haight Ashbury, then Nixon, more Vietnam, Cambodia, Woodstock. We started listening to Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez early on: Dust Bowl, labor unions, protest songs.  Then came the rock:  The Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Country Joe and the Fish, Jeff Airplane, Doors, Jimi, Janis, Cream…the list is miles long.  The world changed the music and the music changed our world.  Jessicas posts will investigate the music that was indicative of the times and events that rocked the world as we knew it in the mid-to-late 60s moving into the 70s.  Didn’t do the disco thing…still can’t.  Enjoy.

George Rosenberg

George spent his youth listening to musicians who were destined to change the face of music forever.  He occupied his 20’s working as a leather craftsman in Greenwich village surrounded by budding musicians and artists, and went to countless concerts including Woodstock.  His experiences with the pivotal music and culture of the 60’s and 70’s will be conveyed by his choices every other Wednesday  Look for artists such as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix and other treasures of American Rock and Roll.  In his own words:

Growing up in the 50’s , 60’s and 70’s in a generation that made great music and in a generation that to a certain extent was shaped by it’s great music is something I’m really thankful for.
Musically I’m still stuck back there and that’s fine with me.
My son (Nate Rosenberg) is trying to show me some of the exceptional music of today.  Let me share with you some great music of my youth.

Tork Rosenvinge

Tork grew up in the San Juan Islands of Washington State. He has his parents and older sister to thank for widening his musical horizons throughout his upbringing. As a young child, Tork was dragged to all manner of live folk and classical concerts by his parents, even beginning to go willingly once he realized most of them were actually pretty good. As he has gotten older he has discovered most new artists and genres through friends recommendations or through live shows.

Tork believes that keeping an open mind is essential in life and in music. Many of his favorite artists now, are ones that took a little while to grow on him. The power a good song continues to amaze Tork, whether it’s the way an old song can bring you back to a time gone by, or the way discovery forces you to play a new song over and over and over. Of course, we all love to tell people about our favorite music, new and old. Tork looks forward to sharing his with you all on Mondays.
Adam Weisman

Adam hasn’t written a bio yet, but hopefully will soon.